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How to Improve Event Communications in a Post-Covid World

date Released On 21st Jul 2021

How to Improve Event Communications in a Post-Covid World

Events are complicated things to manage at the best of times...and the last year or so haven’t been the best of times!  

We’re gradually moving away from rigid Covid lockdown restrictions now, but it’s by no means out of the question that we’ll experience occasional backward steps, even now. Event managers may yet find themselves having to minimise unnecessary contacts with other people in their event team. 

Vigilance is being urged for the foreseeable future and event organisers will need to build their reputation for safety-first protocols for some time to come. 

Can large events resume safely and securely post-Covid? 

Safety and security are never far from an event team’s mind, but Covid safety measures have added an extra layer of complexity to an already complex scenario. From sports events to business gatherings, festivals to exhibitions, large-scale organised events have a lot of moving parts! 

Communication has always been a key factor in managing them all successfully, and at RadioTrader, we’re already seeing huge demand for two-way radios to help operate that safety net, post-Covid.

How can radios help?

  • Ensure the quick flow of information between visitor entry points, the event team and security
  • Send support or security quickly to where it's most needed 
  • Keep checks on which areas are being routinely cleaned, and how often
  • Manage the flow of people and their behaviour at indoor events where social distancing might still be desirable (both visitors and staff), especially around congestion hotspots such as refreshment stands and lavatories 
  • Monitor the free-flow of visitors through one-way systems around the venue
  • Request supplies of hand sanitiser or face masks at key points throughout the venue

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Why use two-way radios and not mobile phones?

We’ve written extensively on the topic of two-way radios vs mobile phones, but here are just a few of the reasons that radios provide more benefits to event teams than a mobile phone could. 

  • Two-way radios are faster than phones. Event teams can be set up on different channels, so that group conversations between relevant people can happen instantly, at the press of a button
  • Team members can send pre-programmed text messages on many radios
  • At large sites with poor network signals, radio users can extend coverage through repeaters
  • Tracking functions on many two-way radios help you visualise where event staff may be congregating. If social distancing measures are reintroduced in the future, this could forewarn you of potential issues so you can redistribute staff. 

Why not switch to Push-to-Talk over Cellular devices?

Event teams can also take advantage of the newest nationwide radio technology, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC), which combines many of the features of two-way radios with the more familiar hardware of a mobile phone. 

Our own POC system is called Connect Plus, and it operates on the existing 3G / 4G cellular network or over your site’s broadband, using either a standalone radio / phone device or an app that you can download to your own mobile phone.

Learn more about the Connect Plus radio system.

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