Maintain Social Distancing In The Workplace With Effective Communications

Maintain Social Distancing In The Workplace With Effective Communications

date Released On 26th May 2020

As the world continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, most industries have begun to adapt to new ways of working, implementing procedures to help keep workers safe. A big change in the work-place is the need to follow new physical distancing guidelines, where colleagues can maintain a distance of two metres from each other wherever possible. This includes arriving at and departing from work, as well as the work premises themselves,  and when travelling between sites. Social Distance

Unfortunately the days of tapping your colleague on the shoulder are behind us all for a while, so how do work-place teams communicate effectively but still adhere to physical distancing guidelines?

RadioTrader has multiple solutions for effective communications within the workforce, ranging from short-range communication headsets to large scale wide-area networks. 

Licence-Free Wireless Headsets - Short Range Communication

Licence-free wireless headsets can provide very effective short-range communication. These products are already widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries. Wireless headsets provide instant communication and combine full duplex communication (like a telephone conversation), with background noise cancelling, to create an effective team communications solution. No more shouting and arm waving! 

Our Top Picks

2Talk Pro

2Talk Pro

The 2Talk Pro is a full duplex, encrypted, wireless communications headset that is available as a headband or as a helmet attachment version. This headset uses the latest technology to ensure excellent hearing protection and is fitted with a noise-cancelling boom microphone. The 2Talk Pro is designed to be paired in sets of two, and is CE, EMC and FCC approved.

Learn more about the 2 Talk Pro 

Peltor Litecom

3M Peltor Litecom

The Peltor Litecom MT53H7A4400 is a licence-free wireless headset that works over the PMR446 frequencies and communicates with other headsets on the same frequencies. The Peltor Litecom has a noise-cancelling microphone and is VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) operating, providing half-duplex conversations.

Learn more about the Peltor Litecom

Two Way Radios / Walkie Talkies

Motorola Radios

Hand-portable two-way radios (also known as Walkie Talkies) are an ideal solution for effective communication. Two-way radios can be used for short, medium and long-range communications if used with the correct infrastructure. They can also be supplied in large numbers, ideal if you have a large workforce, each needing an individual radio. 

Hand-portable two-way radios are already used in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Agriculture / Farming
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Forestry
  • Hospitality
  • Waste Management
  • Railway Services
  • Marine

Two Way Radio On Site

The benefit of using two-way radios is the ability to tailor the system to suit individual needs, ensuring the correct physical  distancing measures can be met more easily. Below you'll find a list of different industries and, in our experience, the most popular radio used in that industry.

Motorola DP1400 Digital
Fixed mobile - Motorola DM4400e Digital 
Hand portable - Motorola DP1400 Digital
Motorola EVX-S24 Digtal
Energy and Utilities
Motorola DP4400e Digital
Motorola DP4400e Digital
Motorola SL1600 Digital 
Motorola DP3441e
Motorola SL4010e
ATEX Zones
Motorola DP4401EX
Peltor ATEX PTT Adaptor for Peltor Headsets
Peltor ATEX Over-the-Head Heavy Duty Headset with Boom Microphone

To better understand your requirements and provide the correct solution for your needs we would encourage you to contact us and let us know a little more about the way your teams work. Two way radios have a lot of features and can be oversold, but RadioTrader will aim to provide you with the best radio and accessories to maximize worker efficiency and safety.

Wi-Fi Hand Portable System

Social Distancing In Retail

Devices that communicate over existing or new Wi-Fi systems have been developed over the last couple of years, and they have been really well received, especially for hotels, retail shops and offices. Physical distancing guidelines makes communication between staff in these customer-facing sectors especially difficult. Raised voices across the office or shop floor isn't going to win you any customer-service awards!

A Wi-Fi communications system uses the existing Wi-Fi network to provide communication for up to 100 users, and has the ability to provide full duplex conversations (like a telephone) for 12 users at any one time. This solution is ideal if you are an office that is now split over multiple floors, or if you are a retail store that requires effective communication to front-of-house staff, checkout staff and a stores department. You'll be able to maintain the correct physical distancing and improve efficiency, too.

Our Pick

Icom IP100H and IP1000C Controller


The Icom IP100H is a two-way radio solution that provides instant communication over a IP/ WLAN / WiFi network. This is a licence-free, scalable communication system that is particularly suitable for hotels, resorts, shopping centres, restaurants, tunnels and large commercial marine vessels. The IP100H is a feature-rich hand-portable that can be operated in half-duplex using the push-to-talk button, or full-duplex, similar to a telephone conversation. One popular feature of IP systems is the ability to improve coverage in blackspots over standard PMR systems. 

Find out more about the Icom IP100H.

Icom IP1000C

The IP1000C is the main hub of Icom's advanced IP/WiFi radio system and connects up to 100 users at the same time. The IP1000c can also communicate to existing third-party wireless access points, allowing for greater flexibilty. It's a cost-effective way to ensure large site coverage.

Find out more about the Icom IP1000C.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19 Signs

RadioTrader can also provide you with Personal Protection Equipment, which includes protective respiratory and hearing equipment for the workplace, as well as hygiene accessories such as replaceable microphone protector tape and 3M Peltor hygienic cleaning pads. We can also supply you with 3M Peltor full respirator face-shields, a range of protective and noise-cancelling headsets, and COVID-19 workplace stickers to assist and encourage safe practices across your sites.

3M Peltor Hygiene Cleaning Pads 100 Pad Pack

Cleaning Pads For Peltor Headsets

100 pairs of single-use, disposable ear cushion covers by 3M Peltor, the brand at the forefront of safety equipment for professionals. The pads provide a clean and hygienic contact surface for headsets when used by multiple people.

Find out more about 3M Peltor Hygience Cleaning Pads.

3M Peltor 5m Roll Microphone Protector Tape Blue

3M Peltor 5m Roll Microphone Protector Tape Blue

Disposable tape protects headset microphone from dust and other contaminates and improves hygiene amongst users.

Find out more about Microphone Protector Tape.

Versaflo Powered Air Respirator Starter Kit, TR-315UK+

Versaflo Powered Air Starter Kit

The Versaflo Powered Air Starter Kit, TR-315UK+ is a simple respirator starter kit with all the component parts to get you up and running. This package simply requires the appropriate hood or faceshield  (either the M-306 or the XA007707442) to get you started.

The Versaflo powered TR-302E+ Turbo Unit is an easy-to-use, versatile respirator that uses highly efficient filters that capure hazardous dust, mist and fumes. There are also options to filter nuisance-level gases and vapours. This starter kit includes an intelligent lithium-Ion battery that is quickly charged and suffers from no memory effect.

Learn more about the Versaflo Powered Air Start Kit

3M Peltor Versaflo Helmet and Face Shield With Coated Visor

m-306 Peltor Helmet

The 3M Peltor Versaflo Helmet and Face Shield With Coated Visor combines respiratory protection with eye and face protection. This headset features a general purpose face seal for hazardous environments in construction, chemical applications and heavy industry. It's easily adjustable to give the best seal and field of vision. The Versaflo Helmet protects from the following hazard types - US Standards - Falling Objects, Gas, Vapour and Particulates, Liquid Splash, Low Energy Flying Particles / Dust.

Find out more about the 3M Peltor Versaflo Helmet and Face Shield

3M Peltor M-106 Versaflo Respirator Face Shield Headtop Mask

m-106 Peltor Helmet

The 3M Peltor M-106 Versaflo Respirator Face Shield Headtop Mask is ideal for use when chemical processing, dust and spraying. This visor is made from transparent polycarbonate which provides a clear view, coupled with a scratch-resistant coating, protecting the users face from any harmful gases and particles. The 3M Versaflo Respirator is ideal for construction, mining, industrial maintenance and manufacturing industries.

Get more information about the 3M Peltor M-106 Versaflo Respirator Face Shield.

How to Disinfect and Clean Your Two Way Radios

A useful guide on how to properly clean and disinfect your two way radio's.


COVID-19 Workplace Stickers

COVID-19 Stickers

RadioTrader can also supply you with Coronavirus / COVID-19 and social distancing workplace stickers. Please contact us.

If you require further information on anything mentioned in this article please do not hesitate to contact us using the below form or on email: or call: 0151 676 2888

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