Buyer Beware – What You Should Know!

Buyer Beware – What You Should Know!

date Released On 29th Oct 2019

Over recent weeks and months, we here at Radiotrader have been growing increasingly concerned by the quality of service and experience offered by our online competitors. We have had to report incidents of bad practice to most of the major manufacturers and to the government agencies which govern our industry.

When buying two-way radios online or looking for a new radio communications partner, there are several pitfalls that you should really be aware of. Although overall most online resellers meet the required customer service standards, there are many that do not. Below are the some of the bad practices that you need to look out for.

None-Genuine Products 

In order to achieve a better headline price, we have found that some online resellers are selling new radios with none -genuine accessories. The most popular tricks are for companies to sell none-genuine batteries and chargers with radios. This kind of practice should be frowned upon and can also invalidate warranties. If you see this offering online, please steer clear.

Although Radiotrader does offer none-genuine aftermarket accessories, we would never offer these accessories with new radios in order to appear cheaper online.

Cheap Imported Radios

The market is flooded with cheap, inferior imported radios from China. Although some Chinese radios are reliable, the vast majority are poor in every way. A common trick is for UK resellers to brand a cheap imported radio as their own and then offer it to their customers. This is a very greedy approach and the only loser is the customer, this type of equipment is very unreliable and the performance usually leaves a lot to be desired. You will find that the companies offering such products usually have very poor customer service approach as they are only in it for the money.

Our advice is to stick to the major manufacturers such as Motorola, Kenwood, Icom and Hytera. These manufacturers spend millions on R&D and the products are reliable. If you have a limited budget, ask for second-hand equipment but make sure a minimum of a 6 month warranty is offered.

Non-Genuine Image

Poor Customer Support   

Does the radio communications supplier that you are looking to deal with have the significant experience / company stability to look after you on a long-term basis? Does the company have a significantly experienced salesforce so that they can recommend the correct products? We find that many of our competitors have very little experience and knowledge of the products they are selling.

Here at Radiotrader we have an extremely experienced team of sales and technical support personnel. We have always at least one company director working with the sales team.  Our sales people also specialise in certain industries and equipment types, this ensures that each requirement is dealt with professionally and the best solution is always recommended.

Commission Based Selling  

We have found that there is a lot of online mis selling, this is due to fact that many salespeople chase commission. Customers regularly either oversold or undersold products purely due to incentives. So, if a salesperson receives a £5 gift voucher for each radio they sell, then that’s more than likely going to be the radio that is recommended to you.

Our salespeople are not incentivised by commissions, we prefer to reward performance and experience. Our salespeople propose the most suitable product by asking lots of questions.

Site Visit & Support          

Radiotrader is not just an online reseller, we have a nationwide sales and engineering team. If a site visit is required, we are more than happy to attend site in order to provide the highest level of service possible. We will always recommend a site survey so that the correct equipment and infrastructure is correctly located for optimum performance.

We have found that many of our competitors don’t have the resources or technical experience when recommending on-site solutions. This is not a good experience for the customer and miss selling can be a common occurrence.

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