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VesselWatch - Intelligent On-Board Two Way Radio Software

VesselWatch - Intelligent On-Board Two Way Radio Software

date Released On 24th Oct 2019

VesselWatch is an intelligent alarm monitoring software solution, designed specifically for the luxury marine sector. VesselWatch will expand the capabilities of your on-board two way radio system through an array of easy-to-manage applications. These applications will strengthen your on-board security, provide an enhanced owner / guest experience and allow crew to work more efficiently.

Feature Overview

VesselWatch offers a series of alarm and monitoring applications, together with an enhanced owner and guest experience. It uses clever one-touch ordering and crew-call buttons as well as strengthening your on-board security with applications such as anchor alarm, motion sensor alarm and tender tow.

Please see below for a brief overview of VesselWatch's alarm, hospitality, security and other enhanced features.

Increased Safety

Increased Safety

Alarm MonitoringAlarm Monitoring

VesselWatch integrates with your on-board alarm systems, sending immediate detailed alarm notifications direct to a specific radio user or channel group.

Lone WorkerLone Worker Alarm

Lone worker status can be toggled on or off by the radio user or the control station. VesselWatch will then act as the main hub of the alarm, alerting the crew if no response is received.

Man OverboardMan Overboard Alarm

When the radio is submerged in water, VesselWatch immediately alerts all crew to respond to the incident.

Adverse WeatherAdverse Weather Warning

VesselWatch provides advanced warning of major weather events. This is done by monitoring of the global weather network.


Enhancing Owners and Guests Experience

Enhancing Owners' and Guests' Experience

Hospitality SuiteHospitality Suite

VesselWatch enables guests to browse through bespoke menus on  their tablets, phones or AV system and order food and drink at the push of a button. This application will send the order directly to the bar or kitchen and will also contact a member of staff for delivery.

Integration Integration

VesselWatch has the capability to effortlessly combine your on-board AV and guest service call buttons. This system provides a heightened experience with minimal disruption.

Crew CallCrew Call Application

CrewCall is a clever little app that transforms a smartphone or tablet into a service button. Featuring a one-touch button, CrewCall is able to send requests with a simple tap. Once this request has been sent and accepted by the crew, instant confirmation is sent back to show the request has been processed and who is responding.

Quick OrderingQuick Ordering

One click for olives, two clicks for iced water? Clever, quick-press buttons can transform guests' on-board experience and immediately alert a member of staff to common requests.


Strengthening Security

Strengthening Security

Tender TowTender Tow

VesselWatch alerts the crew immediately when a tender-on-tow moves out of range, allowing for corrective action to be taken.

Remote Alarm ControlRemote Alarm Control

This system also allows for remote access / control straight from your handset. Use quick commands to control lighting, sound, fans and other on-board devices.

Handset ShutdownHandset Shutdown

With handset shutdown you can make sure your communications system is never compromised. This enables you to monitor and remotely shut down handheld two-way radios when / if required.

Motion Sensor AlarmMotion Sensor Alarm

VesselWatch can generate an alert when a PIR motion sensor has been tripped. This can be sent to a specific radio user or to a group of radios.


Increased Integration

Increased Integration

Voice AlertsVoice Alerts

Real time voice alerts provide audio notifications from VesselWatch if you are using older legacy or non-display handheld two-way radios. 

Ping AlarmPing Alarm

VesselWatch scans the on-board IT network and notifies the relevant crew when equipment goes offline.

Dual BandDual VHF / UHF

VesselWatch enables seamless communication between UHF and marine VHF two-way radio equipment.

Radio SMSRadio SMS

Radio SMS allows the crew to communicate directly from their smartphone to a handheld radio.


Effortless Management

Effortless Management

Job TimetableJob Timetable

VesselWatch fulfils a pre-planned schedule of activities that can send immediate or time-delayed notifications to the allocated member or group channel.

Timesheet MonitorTimesheet Monitor

This ensures compliance with maritime employment laws. VesselWatch automatically logs hours of rest and hours of work over a 7-day period for every crew member.

Report GeneratorReport Generator

This is a simple monitoring system that gives you the power to generate a report on all aspects of your vessel.

Task SchedulingTask Scheduling

VesselWatch automatically sends a reminder to the relevant crew member, logs the task completion and provides you with a legal record of achievement, ensuring you never miss a crucial check or maintenance task again.

Contact us for further information: email: or call: 0151 676 2888

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