Expert tips, information and recommendations for two-way radio users to help your teams communicate more effectively. 

Best Two-Way Radios for Business in 2021

date 3rd Feb 2021

Our expert reviews of the best two-way radios for business in 2021, combining professional-level communication features with cost-effective credentials.

What Happens After BREXIT?

date 21st Dec 2020

Here at RadioTrader we have been preparing for the UK to leave Europe for a number of years, this includes opening up a registered office in Dublin, Ireland (EU) and having a dedicated European website in the Euro currency. We have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure our customers outside of the UK can continue t...

What Are Cellular / Broadband Radios?

date 20th Oct 2020

Cellular / Broadband radios are often reffered to as PTT Over Cellular (PoC). This is a cellular based two way radio that communicates using the existing 3G / 4G LTE network. PoC solutions first appeared on the market over a decade ago using the existing 2G network, however since the commercial 4G LTE rollout, fast dat...

Buying Two Way Radio Equipment – What You Should Know

date 29th Oct 2019

Over recent weeks and months, we at RadioTrader have been growing increasingly concerned by the quality of service and experience offered by our online competitors. We have had to report incidents of bad practice to most of the major manufacturers and to the government agencies which govern our industry.

VesselWatch - Intelligent On-Board Two Way Radio Software

date 24th Oct 2019

Vesselwatch is an intelligent two way radio and alarm integration software solution, designed specifically for the luxury marine market. It will expand the capabilities of your two-way radio system through a world of easy-to-manage applications.

Two Way Radios for Airsoft in the UK

date 21st May 2019

Many Airsoft skirmishers are confused about the best radio for their events. We recommend a whole new concept in Airsoft radio communication.
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