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Connect Plus PoC Platform & Hytera MNC360 - A Case Study

Connect Plus PoC Platform & Hytera MNC360 - A Case Study

date Released On 14th May 2024

Revolutionising communication in taxi operations: The Hytera MNC360 and Connect Plus PoC platform case study.

The taxi industry is highly competitive, and companies constantly seek ways to improve their services and stay ahead in the market. This case study focuses on a medium-sized taxi company that adopted the Hytera MNC360 and integrated it with the Connect Plus platform to transform their operations.

As you will see, by leveraging advanced communication technology and enhancing fleet management capabilities, the company experienced significant improvements in efficiency, customer service, and overall performance.

Challenges at a glance

  • Limited communication range - Traditional two-way radios had limited range, resulting in communication gaps and delayed responses, particularly in areas with poor reception.
  • Expensive infrastructure costs - To achieve site- wide communication the traditional radio system required multiple repeaters and antennas, increasing costs and labour.
  • Limited Ffleet visibility - Lack of real-time fleet tracking made it challenging to optimise routes, allocate resources effectively, and respond promptly to customer demands.  

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The benefits of Connect Plus

  • Improved communication - The enhanced voice communication capabilities reduced response times and minimised misunderstandings, leading to smoother operations.
  • Improved coverage - The nationwide range of the Connect Plus platform greatly increased coverage and allowed communication between vehicles and office on a much larger scale.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking - With real-time GPS tracking, dispatchers could monitor each taxi's location, enabling efficient route planning and reduced idle times.
  • Enhanced customer service - With better fleet visibility and reduced response times, the company experienced higher customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer retention and word-of-mouth referrals.

Our solution

Hytera MN360 PoC solutionThe company decided to overhaul its communication and fleet management systems by adopting the Hytera MNC360 with the Connect Plus platform and our multi-roaming SIM cards. This solution offered the following key features:

  • Enhanced Crystal Clear Voice Communication
  • Wide Area Coverage
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Office Computer Dispatch Software


The adoption of the Hytera MNC360 with the Connect Plus platform and multi-roaming sim cards revolutionised the taxi company's operations, significantly improving communication, fleet management, and customer service.

With increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, the company solidified its position in the competitive taxi market and demonstrated the power of advanced communication technology in transforming business operations.

A PDF version of this case study is available to download for your use.

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