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SOLAS Two-Way Radios for Firefighters At Sea

date Released On 5th Oct 2023

SOLAS Compliant Two-Way Radios for Firefighters At Sea

Do your ship's fire department radios comply with SOLAS regulations? Buy intrinsically safe, ATEX radios from RadioTrader with free programming and our price-match promise.

Since 1st July 2018, Chapter II-2, Regulation 10.10.4 of Safety of Life at Sea (SOLaS) regulations have required ships to carry a minimum of two intrinsically safe, ATEX-compliant handheld radios for each fire party of firefighters. If you're looking for new or upgraded radio systems that meet these stringent standards, RadioTrader has a high quality range of equipment from which to choose.

Our experts can also programme the frequencies of your ship’s on-board radios, including fire-fighter radios, reserving a dedicated channel for Fire Party use only during fire-fighting operations, as recommended by SOLAS regulations. 

Buy ATEX-approved, intrinsically safe handheld radios.

Learn more about intrinsically safe radios

Upgrading to intrinsically safe radios? 

If you need to upgrade your vessel’s two-way radios to comply with maritime regulations, RadioTrader offers a selection of intrinsically safe radios, such as:

Motorola DP4401 Ex ATEX

This handheld radio is IP67 rated and built for use in demanding environments. Packed with features such as man down, lone worker and integrated with GPS, the DP4401 Ex ATEX provides high quality communication and comprehensive user safety. The ideal partner when working in environments containing dust and potentially explosive gases.

See full specs and buy the Motorola DP4401 EX ATEX. 

Motorola DP4801 Ex ATEX

The Motorola DP4801 Ex ATEX handheld two-way radio provides reliable, safe communication in even the most dangerous of environments. The DP4801EX is packed with features designed to offer comprehensive user safety, from Man-Down and Lone Worker to integrated GPS, this radio provides high quality class leading ATEX support.

See full specs and buy the Motorola DP4801 Ex ATEX.

Hytera PD795 ExHytera PD795Ex with GPS

The PD795Ex has a market-leading, robust design with a full keypad and high resolution, LCD display. Packed with enhanced features, it is ideally suited to operate in areas where ATEX directives apply. The IP67-rated Hytera PD795Ex is perfect for tough environments requiring an intrinsically safe device. 

See full specs and buy the Hytera PD795 Ex with GPS.

This brochure from Motorola may help you better understand your specific radio requirements - Meeting SOLaS Requirements.

ATEX Rating Explained

Why must ships' radios be ATEX approved?

Two-way radios used by fire-fighters must be robust enough to work in extreme conditions, so they should be dust-proof and watertight. They must also meet strict specifications to ensure they are explosion-proof. 

What ships must comply with SOLAS?

Passenger and cargo ships of 300 gross tonnage and upwards are required to follow SOLAS regulations which improve their chances of rescue on international voyages following an incident at sea. This includes carrying  ATEX radio equipment. 

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