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RadioTrader's preparations for BREXIT

RadioTrader's preparations for BREXIT

date Released On 21st Dec 2020

RadioTrader has been preparing for the UK to leave the European Union for a number of years, including opening a new registered office in Dublin, Ireland (EU) and having a dedicated European website in the Euro currency. 

We have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure our customers outside of the UK can continue to trade with us with minimal hassle. Here we have provided some of our most frequently asked questions to provide you with a better understanding of what you can expect from RadioTrader after your order is placed.

You have an EU business in Ireland, can I use this business to avoid the new post-Brexit customs procedures?

Yes absolutely, we are finding that many of our existing EU customers, along with new EU customers, are choosing to purchase equipment from our Irish EU business.  If you have a VAT number we can ship the goods without any customs charges, which is just like it was before Brexit.  For our Irish customers we simply charge VAT in the usual way.  We accept payments in GBP, Euro and USD.

Can RadioTrader UK still export goods outside of the EU after Brexit?

Yes, RadioTrader UK can still export goods outside of the UK after Brexit; we've taken all necessary steps to ensure the process is as smooth and hassle-free as possible for the customer, with RadioTrader providing all documentation, export declarations and advice.

What will the changes be if I place an order after 31st December 2020 with your UK business?

EU customers purchasing goods from our UK business will not be charged VAT but tax which is equal to your EU country's VAT rate will be payable to customs.  There are also other Brexit charges to take into account such as Disbursement Fees which can be up to £20.00 per consignment.  For larger orders this is not a problem because the taxes can be claimed back and the additional charges can be absorbed as part of the sales transaction.  If you are making smaller purchases then it would be much better to place the order with our EU business.

What are the implications when I order after 31st December 2020?

All UK businesses are coming to terms with new procedures such as Commercial Invoices, EORI numbers being present, Country of Origin details and the use of correct Commodity Codes.  RadioTrader has been shipping worldwide for a number of years and we are well versed when dealing with the required paperwork, so we are continuing to ship equipment without any documentation issues.

We are experiencing border delays at the moment which is a combination of Brexit and the Covid pandemic.  The UK is a very large stockholder of radio equipment and most orders are fulfilled from UK stock.  Where overseas shipments were taking 1-2 days, we can now expect these deliveries to take 2-4 days depending on customs, however we feel this may settle down after some time.

Am I likely to pay customs duty?

If you purchase from our UK business you will pay customs charges which are equal to your in-country VAT rate plus shipping surcharges.  The good news is most equipment that we supply is not subject to Import Tax.  The only item that attracts import duty will be batteries and this is only if the batteries are packed singularly and not as part of a radio transceiver package.  The customs charges for batteries is 2%.  Here is a useful website to check customs charges in your country and some of our most popular items' HS codes below.

Example HS codes:

85176200 - Two-Way Radios
85183000 - Two-Way Radio Audio Earpieces
85076000 - Two-Way Radio Batteries
85044030 - Two-Way Radio Chargers

Will RadioTrader's UK shipping costs increase?

In short, yes. We are going to try our hardest to keep the shipping costs to the same prices they are currently, however we expect there will be charges from courier companies and customs so this may increase costs slightly.

Placed an order and arranging a collection from RadioTrader UK?

If you have placed an order and are collecting the goods yourself on an ex works basis, you will need to liaise with your courier company before collection is made to ensure all documentation is covered.  RadioTrader is not responsible for arranging the paperwork for couriers collecting on your behalf. If you require us to complete documentation for collections, please contact us for further information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or have any questions.

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