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Marine Radios - A Case Study and Recommendations

Marine Radios - A Case Study and Recommendations

RadioTrader is fast becoming a destination for those seeking marine radios, supplying equipment to large and small yachts, ferries and boatyards around the world, from Southampton to Monte Carlo. 

Ryan, a long-standing RadioTrader customer, is Chief Officer on a 171.59 foot luxury motor yacht with 5 cabins and room for 10 guests and 13 crew. RadioTrader supplied the yacht with its radio equipment and Ryan has outlined some of the reasons it is so useful on board.  

  • When the ship is entering or leaving port radios provide an information link between the mooring stations and the Captain as he is manoeuvring the vessel into position. They also provide a link between the Engine room and Wheelhouse with the aid of the “over-the -head headset and noise cancelling boom microphone”

Motorola noise-cancelling, over the head, heavy duty headsetFor a similar headset, RadioTrader recommends:
Motorola DP2000, DP3441e, DP3661e Noise Cancelling, Over-the-Head, Heavy Duty Headset

  • During emergency situations and drills, two way radios provide a constant stream of information to the Command team and allow them to issue orders and delegate tasks.
  • Marine radios provide general communications between crew on board when coordinating jobs.

Ryan told us, “All crew on board yachts are issued with personal UHF radios. We currently operate on single-channel without guests on board, and multi-channel once we are busy and require less cross-talk. We have 13 crew in total.

“The Deck and Engineering teams need more robust radios (without a screen that could break), IP67 waterproofing, and a larger antenna for greater range when away from the vessel in tenders (small boats) or ashore.

“The interior team is more matched to discreet radios that suit their uniforms and do not attract attention from the guests. The interior team will always wear a headset when we have guests on board the vessel to avoid any unwanted noise disturbing the guests. They use a Bluetooth headset and have two units each so one can be constantly on charge.

“I am also aware of larger yachts requiring repeater units on board to help the communications travel through the steel and aluminium structure of the ship.”

For luxury yachts and larger vessels, RadioTrader recommends:


Motorola DP3661e Hand Portable

This radio is also IP67 rated and is aesthetically pleasing due to the large, bright LCD display. We would recommend this radio for the captain / command team because of its ability to individually call radios and easily identify who is transmitting. View this product.

Motorola SL4000e / SL4010e

We recommend these radios for the interior team / steward staff. They are not submersible, but they are discreet, lightweight, supplied with a swivel clip or lanyard and not as bulky as other radios. View this product.

Hytera X1P hand portable radioHytera X1P Hand Portables

These are submersible options which are IP67 rated and very lightweight. The Hytera X1P features an LCD screen and keypad for further functionality, an example being private calls. View this product.

Hytera PD685 Hand Portable

A more cost-effective option compared to the X1P which is also IP67 rated and features an LCD screen. View this product.


Wireless Earpiece Accessory Kit, including wireless pod with 3.5mm jack, earpiece and charging cradle, with Power/Volume button, Bluetooth status indicator and clothing clip.

Marine radios for smaller boats

Icom IC-M25 and Icom IC-M93D DSFor smaller boats, more in line with days out and hobby or leisure use, RadioTrader recommends the following:

  • Icom IC-M25 (Available in Blue or Grey) – This hand portable is lightweight, is supplied pre-programmed with the maritime frequencies and has a clever float n flash feature meaning that if the radio is dropped in the water it will flash and float. 
  • Icom IC-M93D DSC – This hand portable is the predecessor to the popular IC-M91D model. This features internal GPS and has a dedicated DCS (Pre-Defined Digital Messages) receiver for Channel 70 
  • Icom IC-M423G – This is a fixed mobile and features integrated GPS receiver which enables current position tracking and time to be used for DCS call. This radio is designed with a laser-cut keypad, meaning the radio matches modern vessel designs.

Icom IC-M423G

For help selecting, licencing or programming your marine radio equipment, contact our expert team or browse our range of recommended radios for sale



Released On 12th Nov 2018

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