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Two-way Radios Vs Mobile Phones

Two-way Radios Vs Mobile Phones

date Released On 28th Sep 2016

Almost everyone in the UK owns a mobile phone. Each year phones become more powerful and 4G becomes more widespread. So you might be wondering, why even use a two-way radio at all? A two-way radio actually has many advantages over using a mobile phone in a business setting.

Two Way Radios


  • Instant connection, no waiting for a connection to be established.
  • More durable against water (some have IP ratings that makes them almost totally waterproof)
  • A robust build leaves radios less prone to damage from knocks and drops and they won’t bend out of shape like a mobile phone!
  • Talk to multiple people at once.
  • No monthly contract or call credit required
  • Safety features such as Man Down, Lone Worker and Emergency Alert
  • Potentially better battery life
  • Two-way radios operate on a private network, with security features such as encryption to help prevent eavesdropping. This is especially important for sectors dealing with personal or confidential information such as education and healthcare.


  • Can require a licence, although licence-free options are available

Mobile Phones


  • Can phone anywhere in the world as long as there is signal.
  • No licence required to operate.


  • Have to wait for a connection which can result in a significant delay. This is not ideal for short messages if it takes longer to contact someone than the message’s length.
  • Not durable compared to most two-way radios due to a large fragile glass screen and thin body. Some have protection against water, but most don’t.
  • You can only talk to one person at a time. This means you need to make multiple calls to get a message across to more than one person.
  • Mobile signals get jammed during times of heavy use. This could be disastrous during a critical situation.
  • Requires signal from a phone tower. Signal strength may not be ideal in some rural or remote locations.

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