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Radio Hire for Race Marshals - PoC Walkie-Talkies

date Released On 20th Sep 2022

Radio Hire for Race Marshals using PoC Walkie-Talkies

Get great course coverage with radio hire for fun runs, 5k, 10k, half- and full marathons, using simple push-to-talk over cellular walkie-talkies.

Two-way radios (walkie talkies) are an important tool for effective communication at everything from fun runs to short- or long-distance road races and trail runs. RadioTrader keeps busy throughout the year hiring radios and walkie-talkies for race stewards and marshals at all these events. 

Historically, one of the potential problems has been getting good radio coverage over longer distances, where race marshalls may be several kilometres away. Hilly terrain or built-up urban areas can also be challenging for radio communication. 

New technology has largely overcome these issues though, so your race marshalls can be confident of reaching each other at any time. Push-to-talk over cellular radios use the mobile data network to transmit messages over 3G, 4G or 5G, so as long as you have a network signal, your range is unlimited over any terrain.

Talk to us about hiring PoC walkie-talkies at your next race or fun run.

Logo for St. Helen's 10k Run, MerseysideCase-study - the St. Helen's 10k run

The organisers and sponsors of the St. Helen’s 10k Run in Merseyside share their experience of hiring radios from RadioTrader:

What problem did the organisers have? 

The St. Helen’s 10k is one of the toughest 10k races around, owing to the hills en-route and invariably challenging weather at that time of year, not to mention the distances between race marshalls and organisers over the course. 

All these conditions can make two-way communication challenging, but it is undoubtedly crucial for the smooth running of an event like this. 

Our solution 

RugGear RG360 SmartphoneFor this event, RadioTrader supplied RugGear RG360 Push-to Talk over Cellular devices, which gave saturated coverage over the entire length of the course and allowed everyone to communicate efficiently as a group, with high quality voice calls.

The RugGear RG360 features a dedicated PTT button, a powerful front speaker, a three-inch display that is designed to be easily read outdoors, and a dedicated emergency button. It can also be operated with wet hands or with gloves - ideal for outdoor events in March! It's easy to use and provides unlimited coverage over a wide area via our Connect Plus platform.

How did things turn out?

The event organisers were very pleased with the solution used for the race, and said, 

“I have to say your radios were the best we have ever hired; they were crystal clear at all times and never once lost reception. Thank you so much for supplying”. 

The organisers have another event coming up in the next few months, and the positive experience of the St. Helen’s 10k Run has convinced them that they’ll be coming back to RadioTrader to hire the same radio equipment once again.

Get in touch with RadioTrader to talk about radio hire for your event. 

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