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Two Way Radio Systems for Hospitals & Healthcare Centres

Two way radio systems for hospitals & healthcare centres

Fast response times and clear communications: the cornerstone of any two way radio system and essential for the UK’s busy healthcare sector.

We understand that hospitals, health centres, clinics and day centres are under constant pressure to co-ordinate workers for maximum efficiency and ensure the safety of employees and patients.

RadioTrader has put a number of digital Hytera and Motorola radio systems into hospital environments. If your healthcare organisation is seeking to do something similar, we can provide valuable guidance.

Deciding what kind of system you need

Smaller hospitals and healthcare centres might well need a simple back-to-back radio system. This is the simplest type of system, consisting solely of hand-held or vehicle-mounted two way radios. The radios talk directly to each other without any kind of base station or repeater.

Back-to-back systems are reliable and easily deployed in any location; their lack of infrastructure means it’s a low cost solution, but they can have a limited range. With no central control of radio traffic, congestion can also be a problem when many radios are in use at the same time.

Single site hospitals normally require some infrastructure. They generally have several departments using different types of handsets and call groups. To ensure adequate coverage, single site hospitals may need repeaters to boost the range.

Large, multi-site hospitals sometimes need to link transmitters together in order to achieve wide area coverage, or overcome physical barriers such as high-rise buildings. Motorola has a system called IP Site Connect, which uses the internet to extend coverage over dispersed locations – if necessary across different towns or cities.

Large sites may also require varying handset types to suit the different needs of the people using them.  

Nurse's station in hospital

If your hospital already has a radio system…

Is it time to look again at your hospital or healthcare centre’s radio system? When did your radios last have a health check where the general condition of your radios were evaluated? 

We provide a service that ensures your radio system is performing to its maximum capability.  We inspect the general health of the radios and we also assess the age and capacity of the batteries.  Technical advances in recent years could also help you to dramatically improve efficiency and safety.

Some simple measures could give you a meaningful upgrade at a very competitive price.

Talk to RadioTrader’s knowledgeable team for free and impartial advice.    

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Released On 10th Aug 2017

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